Allow children to go to schools: Odisha CM to parents

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today appealed to the parents and guardians to allow their children to go to schools and colleges.

In his address to the students, teachers and parents, Patnaik said, “Today is a historic day for every one of us as the school bell rang after a gap of almost two years. This became possible only because of the blessings of God, your cooperation and the sacrifices of the COVID warrior.”

“The normal lifestyle was affected for the last two years due to Coronavirus. Reopening of the school is the good sign of returning back to normalcy,” he said

“Dear children, you were inside the house for the last two years. Your play, meeting with friends and everything was stopped. I know the decision to reopen schools has made you happy. I am happy with your happiness,” he added.

He further said that your studies, play, dance and meeting friends will become normal as it used to be earlier and we will move forward.

“We faced Corona with everyone’s support and cooperation. This kind of pandemic comes once in every 100 years. Therefore, you should not be scared. We all are with you.”

“We need to be careful. I request you to follow the COVID guideline properly. Wear masks properly inside the school and outside the school. You have to wash your hands with soaps frequently. Never neglect in observing the COVID norms. We will have to study day and night to fill the learning gap which was created due to the pandemic. You will not face any difficulties,” the CM assured.

Speaking to the teachers. the CM said, “In our culture, we worship the teachers as gods. Teachers’ blessings help children to get success in life. You all are aware that the students’ learning was affected and a gap was created. We will have to fill up the gap now. I have full faith in you. You are the only one who can fill up the learning gap created by COVID. You also should give focus on following the COVID guideline because the students are now with you. I request the management staff of the schools to take special initiative for the safety of the students.

Likewise, while addressing the parents and guidance of the students, he said, “I also urge the parents and guidance to leave the students to school. Ensure that the children wear their masks properly and encourage them to follow the COVID guidelines.”

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