Restaurants, Hotels, FL On shops to be Closed Down In Bhubaneswar


Bhubaneswar: In view of the fact that social distancing has been imposed by the Odisha Government, the following restrictions have been further set:

  1. All coffee shops, stand alone restaurants, hotels to be shut down immediately in Bhubaneswar.
  2. 7 or more people cannot assemble at a particular place.
  3. 2 mts distance is to be maintained between the servers and the guests.
  4. Customers shall be encouraged to take food home.
  5. All public transport will be regulated.



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  1. Swami Dhyan Chaitanyananda says

    Good proposal to take preventive measures by the Govt.Of Odisha.I appreciate Chief Minister’s performance in this regard.

  2. Sumesh Das says

    Very good deceission taken by our honourable cheifminister.

  3. Pralay Ch.das says

    Our c.m. Naveen pattanaik always takes appropriate and timely action. He always thinks of well-being of people of Orissa. I salute him and the steps he has taken to contain covd-19.

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