Air Odisha chief Santosh Pani booked on rape charges

Bhubaneswar: Air Odisha chief Santosh Pani has been booked on rape charges by Khandagiri police here today.

According to reports, a former woman employee of Air Odisha has filed a complaint against Pani alleging that he had raped her on two occasions.

“I had joined Air Odisha on July 2, 2018 as the security supervisor. The company’s director Santosh Pani forcibly came to drop me to my house that I had taken on rent on August 10. On the way, he bought liquor. After we reached my house, forcibly he came inside and drunk there and offered me cold drinks as I don’t take wine. Soon after taking the drinks I became unconscious as he had mixed something in my cold drinks. Later, he raped me,” said the victim while speaking to the newsmen.

“Later, on August 12, he took me to his friend Santosh Jali’s house in Khandagiri area and raped me for the second time, following which I resigned from the office on the next day without informing about the matter to anyone here as I knew no one,” she added.

“However, the chief security officer of Air Deccan in Kolkata, where I am working now, urged me to file a case and fight for justice when I narrated my ordeal before him on September 14,” she further said.

Demanding arrest of Pani she said, “This is the first time I was raped in my four years of experience in aviation line. The rapist should be punished as per the law and I need justice.”

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