After falling in love from missed call, this woman went on to prove that ‘love is blind’

Balagir: You might have come across several love stories in your life. Some of them become successful while some love stories fail due to various reasons. However, the love story of a couple which we are going to tell you now is something unique which is the perfect example of the saying that ‘love is blind.’

One Dilip Tandi of Mandamahul village of Balangir and Chandini Bagh of Buruda village fell in love from a missed call. What is special of their love story is that Dilip is a visually impaired person. However, despite knowing that Dilip cannot see, Chandini went on to marry him.

At a time when people of this generation go after looks or physical appearance, money, wealth, prestige and position, Chandini accepted Dilip as he is because of their deep true love and set an example for the rest of the world.

The family members of both Chandini and Dilip gave a green signal for their marriage after knowing that both of them are made for each other and their ‘love is true and eternal.’

Odisha woman proves love is blind

Now, the love story of Chandini and Dilip has become a talk of the town in the area with people appreciating their decision and praying for their happy and successful married life.

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