Actress Prakriti Mishra Of Odisha Files FIR Against Cyber Bullying

Bhubaneswar: Actress Prakruti Mishra filed a written complaint at the Mancheswar police station against a web portal for allegedly defaming and bullying her on the internet.

Sharing a photocopy of the FIR on her Instagram page she filed, Prakruti wrote: “Few days back, I was a victim of cyber bullying after posting a brand endorsement photograph on my social media. Many of us, celebrities, irrespective of our gender, face vicious cyber attacks on personal level which sometime drag our families as well. These type of attacks sometimes turn into real threats causing a great deal of mental agony and harm to individuals and their families.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and personally show my gratitude to Odisha Cyber Crime Department, the Commissionerate of Police-Bhubaneswar, DCP-Bhubaneshwar, DG Police-Odisha, IIC- Mancheswar Police Station-Bhubaneswar for helping me and my family during this trying period, where we were going through mental depression for all the fake stories and unethical comments that were pouring in on my social media accounts and other news portals.”

She thanked her friends, her team Signature 24 Productions and fans for extending moral support.

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