A Man From Odisha Creates Art In Bamboo, Read On

Bhubaneswar: A man from Odisha creates  art in bamboo, he makes all kinds of items with bamboo that one can think of. He sees plastic items and can make their exact replica in bamboo.

Ananda Mohanta, a bamboo artisan from Mayurbhanj district in Odisha makes cottage-style houses, swings, sofa-sets, and several other household items.

Ananda has been formally trained in bamboo craft at the National Bamboo Mission in Dehradun.

He started by selling simple household items such as bowls, pen stands and water bottles but soon started to make sofa sets, doors, windows, cottages, and 40 different products.

The household items are sold across the country and he says that it takes only a few hours to make these. In one day Ananda can make a minimum of four baskets, cups, or buckets.

One project the artisan is proud of is the sit-out he made at Utkal University in Bhubaneswar outside the MBA department’s building. It is a cottage-like structure where students gather to eat food, chit-chat and sometimes discuss their studies. It has simple benches inside, and is an open structure for air ventilation. 

Ananda says he can transport the items across the country. One can get in touch with him on +91 8018175937, if one  wishes to order anything.  

(Inputs: Better India)

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