98th Cave Trails: Visitors Join Last Walk Of The Year On Twin Hills


Bhubaneswar: The twin hill trails held today witnessed participation of a group of 12 people who braved the cold morning to gather around for the 98th edition of the only guided tour of the city.

This group comprising some regulars and some for new faces, relished their morning getting to know more about the heritage and history behind this centuries old Jain abode.

The group was awestruck to see and learn the history behind the story panels and the inscriptions in various caves such as Rani Gumpha and Hathi Gumpha. However they were astounded when they encountered the more hidden jewels, like the water reservoir at Udayagiri and Lalatendu caves. Even the ones that had already been to the place admitted to never knowing their existence! Today was the first time, they group saw these places, mostly obscured from the tourist’s views, courtesy of the guided tour.

Three friends from XIMB, who had already been to this place, albeit never on a guide expedition, were ecstatic to have learned more about the history behind this monument. For them, this walk helped them connect to this place even more as now, all these sculptures and inscriptions weren’t just carvings on stone anymore. They became stories, tales of the glorious past.

All of the walkers had positive things to say, and some of them made insightful comments on this initiative. Lt. Col. R.S. Chaudhary suggested that these types of walks should occur more frequently and should cover more historical sites of Bhubaneswar, because the history and heritage is not limited to just temples.

At the end of the walks, the group extended their gratitude towards the Ekamra Walks team and with the Winter Sun slowly rising and shining, they departed with a promise to come back again with more friends and families.


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