9 arrested for Murders due to alleged witchcraft

Gunupur: Nine have been arrested for murders committed due to alleged witchcraft practice. Including the main accused Babula, nine accused have been forwarded to the court on Friday.

The main accused Babula took the investigating Gunupur Police to the site of the murders and also directed them to the weaponry and the motorcycle used in the murder.

The disturbing event had occurred in Ukumbaguda under Gunupur district on late February 13. A group of villagers, comprising of both men and women, had forcefully entered the home of victims Gopal and Laksmi Sabar. They locked their eight-year-old son in their house and kidnapped the couple to an unknown location.

In a similar incident, a seventy-year-old elderly lady Jankili Sabar was also picked from her home on the same day and taken to an unknown location.

Next day, i.e on February 14, daughter of Gopal and Lakshmi Sabar had filed a missing report with Gunupur Police. The Police’s forensic team conducted an in detail inquiry on the distressing incident which led to the nine arrests.

In another alleged witchcraft case in 2016 Kitung Village, Putash case three people were murdered. Its final hearing happened in 2018 where nine accused were sentenced to hang till death by the court.

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