7th Pay Commission: These government employees can get big relief

Kerala government employees may get some relief amid Corona crisis. The state government can give relief to the employees by revisiting the decision on salary deduction.

After strong opposition from opposition parties, the government may take a decision on this soon. State employees’ organizations are vocal against the Covid-19 Income Support Scheme. Assembly elections are due next year in the state, in which the government can give some relief to the employees.

Sources in the finance department said that the government is considering other options to pacify the disgruntled employees. The option before the government to provide some relief to the Covid-19 Income Support Scheme is to discontinue the statutory or other payments of employees, such as provident fund or home loan or any other contribution made by an employee towards any other payment.

The Government of Kerala had decided to deduct the salary of 6 days every month in the salary of employees for a total period of 5 months from April to August, which has been extended for another 6 months. However, while giving relief to the employees, recently the state government had announced that the money of salary cut will be given to the employees in PF by next year. 9% interest will also be given on this amount.

Before the Kerala government, the Gehlot government of Rajasthan also decided to cut the salary of employees in the first week of September. Out of the gross salary of subordinate service and other state employees, one day’s salary is being deducted every month.

(The Hindi version of this story was published by jansatta.com)

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