7th Pay Commission: These employees will get dress allowance for first time, know what is the benefit of this system

Employees of the lower house of Parliament i.e Lok Sabha will get dress allowance for the first time. The English newspaper ‘HT’ report on Friday quoted the person familiar with the matter saying that now the Lok Sabha employees will get an allowance for the new uniform, whereas earlier they were given a cut of cloth once in two years.

Earlier these employees had four to five Delhi tailors who stitched pieces of clothing. The annual Uniform Allowance has been brought for the first time for these employees, which will be up to 17 thousand rupees for women and 16 thousand rupees for men. However, this amount will also depend on the work and rank/ post etc. for these employees.

Employees of the five major branches of Parliament Secretariat (including reporting, table office and security etc.) will be eligible for this allowance. On the condition of anonymity, an officer told the newspaper, “These branches handle the work related to MPs and other visitors. They are the face of the Parliamentary Secretariat and therefore have such a prescribed uniform that adds to the dignity and glamor of the Indian Parliament.”

According to officials, the advantage of this allowance system is that employees will be able to buy their new uniform every two years instead of whenever they want. They are free to buy clothes that follow the prescribed color pattern.

The dress code is fixed for female employees, which is a patterned sari. This is a category of safari suits for men, which will be blue, fawn, Prussian blue, charcoal color. It will depend on the department of the employee where he works. At the same time, both men and women wear blazers and buttoned coats in winter.

The Table Office handles the entire paperwork of the House. Also receives notices related to debates and bills. It also solves questions for the Question Hour. The Security Branch of Parliament handles all aspects related to security.

The reporting branch takes verbatim notes of all discussions taking place within the House and Parliamentary Committees. Chamber attendants, who are also eligible for allowances with drivers, are on duty in the speaker’s chamber. They handle VIP guests. Drivers take MPs from their residence to the House.

Chamber attendants will get Rs 8,000 annually and drivers will get Rs 9,000 as uniform allowance. At the same time, Rs 17,000 will be given to female officers in the Security Service of Parliament and Rs 16,000 to their male counterparts.

Explain that a Pay Commission is formed by the Central Government. This commission recommends a change in the structure of salary of central employees. The recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission have been implemented in the country since January 1, 2016.

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