7th Pay Commission: Government can take decision on DA of central employees after this day, salary will be increased!

Dearness Allowance (DA) is being given at the old rate itself to the central employees due to Corona crisis. The central government is paying DA at the rate of 17 percent to the employees. Employees have to be satisfied at the rate of 31 December 2019. The government had increased the DA by four percent. The current rate is 21 percent. Dearness allowance will not be available at current rates till July 2021.

Due to Corona, dearness allowance of employees will not increase from January 2020 to June 2021. In such a situation, employees can get the gift on DA now only after June 2021. The government will clarify the situation on this only after June 30. Employees will be paid a rate DA because if the corona crisis were not there, the employees would have been paid 21 per cent DA.

DA increases twice a year, in January and July, in DA of central government employees. Currently, it will not increase for one and a half years. The government pays DA to employees and pensioners to keep purchasing power from rising daily living expenses and rate hikes after rising inflation. All India Consumer Price Index based inflation rate is used to calculate this.

This relief to the employees among Corona: For the festive season, the Modi government has offered a Travel Concession (LTC) Cash Voucher Scheme. Under this scheme, employees can buy goods or services of value equal to 3 times the rail or air fare in lieu of holidays. At the same time, bonus has also been given to the employees. The government has released Productivity and Non-Productivity Linked Bonuses for the financial year 2019-2020.

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  1. Swapan says

    To rob peter to pay paul.

  2. Anil says

    Don’t write stupid and senseless articles related to DA etc to employees.

  3. MSK RAO says

    POCKET MAR : Freezing Central Govt DA from jan 20 to jun 21 for one and half years is DEMAND depression decision taken by Non – Economists POCKET MARS in Modi – BJP Govt by snatching money from pocket…..as result of freezing DA is responsible for Indias Economy contracting by 20% to become worst Performing Economy since 1947…..Countries who are putting money in pocket during Pandemic to boost DEMAND are growing super fast like USA , China.

  4. Ranjit says

    Stop befooling people. U have been saying this thing since 3 months. Godi Gpori Media the Global worst liars, indulge shamelessly in be fooling Indian public. False DA payment noise is being made to help Chudi Party in Bihar election.

  5. Arnab says

    The aftermath of freezing DA on different state govt employees are much pitiable. Health dept. and it’s working staffs are worst affected since Feb 2019. We are working day & night without any extra remuneration. At the same time govt. has freezed DA for this fiscal. Other departmental staff followed lockdown and got their salaries without rushing to their workplace. But health staffs are the most sufferer , all leaves are being cancelled ,all holidays turned working days with extra burden of working hours. we are badly affected in the recent price rise.

  6. Villageboy says

    Almost in every alternate day your paper publish this joking news as if legitimate DA is going to be paid to the C.G.Employees at enhanced rate.Please stop publishing this joking news. STOP FLATTERY, STOP PSEUDO JOUNALISM. Every C.G Employee is absolutely aware that no DA at enhanced rate is going to be paid in near future. Govt. may be much more concerned about beautification programs (VISTA) in Delhi and verious public appeasing program, but, certainly not DA because only a little above one crore (in service/retired) voters do have a little impact on vote bank. And, it is much better to writing-off loans as a pirtion will return to the ruling party’s coffer through the election bonds.

  7. Dinesh kumar says

    Sir nobody has thinking about pensioners, they know that pensioner can’t do strike and road block

  8. Gopal says


  9. R.M.S.Kapoor says

    What about pensioners? Does this Govt has any responsibility towards 60 lakh pensioners of the Central Govt ? Mere false promises now and then.

  10. Lakshman says

    BJP at the centre perhaps believe that positive news on monetary benefits will help decide employees to vote in favour of them. This has become routine during election times. Bihar election is the latest example. BJP should be defeated for not dismissing Shiv Sena Govt in Maharashtra and thus teach them a lesson to BJP on Bollywood crimes

  11. Ranjit says

    Request to Godi Gpori Media, stop befooling Indian public. U R propagating this story since Jun 2020. Now due to Bihar election, such fashood stories are being circulated to show that U care for Chudi Party Andh Bhakats not Indian public, living in miserable state, sinking economy, sky rocketing prices, 16 crores unemployed, diseases at world record. Number of Tb, Cancer patients more than, population of Britain, France, Italy, spain, Canada, Australia.

  12. Ranjit says

    Baseless, Horrible Godi media falsehood propaganda to please Andh Bhakats of Chudi Party due to Bihar ekection

  13. Fasih Ahmed says

    By freezing DA/DR Sitharaman may have earned browny points for herself but has ruined the economy, by further limiging the purchasing power of citizens in an economy that is dependant on domestic consumption/market. Bad economics was afterall expected here! Just thinking where was the urgency of buying two VIP jets att the cost of say 10 Rafales more needed for the defense of the Country

  14. BH VS MURTHY says

    I retired CRPF employee, para military personnel neither DA nor OROP. Our job is very tough job as compared to other civil employees. In view very hard job most of the employees took voluntary retirement after completing 20 years. Their life is middle they could not get re employment at par with military personnel. Without DA how we lead our life.

  15. Ramachandra.Singad says

    The Central Government / Hon’ble Finance Minister may please consider release of D.R. to the pensioner’s without arrears immediately to encourage us also to spend money
    liberally for our day today’s need. However, those who are in service for them D.A may be released as decided by the Finance Ministry in July 2021 as they are paid salary every month.
    I hope this proposal may not be much heavier to the exchequer in the present economic situation.

  16. Venket says

    It may be the cause of loose BJP government in next election.

  17. Nirmal Kumar Sah says

    This is the play of power. To stop of DA is unimaginable attack of government.

  18. A N Ray says

    Govt needed money to improve border infrastructure which was neglected for years, in contrast China’s border infrastructure which has reached almost to the chicken neck in North Bengal. It can cut off entire eastern sector.

  19. PSMurty says

    It is not justified in the case of pensioners. Govt. Of India should release all DA installments and pay them from respective due dates. That will lead to welfare state, and alleviate hardships due price rise of all goods esp. Vegetables, pulses, etc.

  20. Hariharan K B says

    Demand is high and supply is very low also purchasing power abscond from the people. Economics packages have not encouraged the people. Better NDA Govt consider bringing economic growth by giving DA to central Govt employees/ pensioners immediately.

  21. Manjit Singh says

    Useless article. Not understood, what is the news. Can someone clarify.?Such unwanted articles should be avoided.

  22. R K Jain says

    I hope government would sympathetically consider the DA issue of pensioners since they are heavily impacted by decision of government to stop DA for the period Jan20 to June 21.

  23. Ramesh Chandra Sahu says

    Govt should have issue a voucher to all employees and pensioner,they should pay as per jan 2020 rates of all products including petroleum. No da no hike .

  24. Sujatha says

    Govt staff at present are getting good pay. But not so for pensioners. They have to meet the medical exp.which is very costly. So why not the central govt think of releasing da to retired emp. /Pensioners.

  25. Mihir Kumar Sahoo says

    Whom are you making fool?

  26. Aman says

    Modi ko Bihar me election par rally’s Karni h .Rally’s par kharch hoga tab corona nai h ..pensssoner ko d.a dene par corona h.asa railways ko bonus diya..Jab ki un railways walo ki salary 40000 per person h …Jo pensioner h un ko d.a nai Dena…….kya p.m h

  27. Ravish Chatrath says

    Misleading news item. No relief for pensioners.

  28. RAJBALA DUDI says

    Why only one news many time

  29. Deepak says

    Price bike is not only for people on duty, it is also for the Pensioners .
    What relife is given to pensioners?

  30. कैप्टन आर एन सी सिंह says

    हमारी मज़बूरी है यदि दूसरी पार्टियां राष्ट्रभक्त और हिंदुत्व को प्रमुखता देती तो बी जे पी को भी सबक सीखा दिया जाता लेकिन दुर्भाग्य है कि कांग्रेस गद्दारों और मुस्लिमो की पार्टी बनकर रह गई है।इसके अलावा भ्रष्टाचार के मामले में भी बी जे पी पर कोई दाग नहीं है और यही एक पार्टी है जो वंशवादी यानी राजतंत्री नहीं है।इसलिए हम अपना नुकसान के बाद भी इसका समर्थन करते हैं लेकिन हो सकता है जनता ज्यादा दिन न झेल सके।मोदी को इसका भी ध्यान रखना होगा।जयहिंद जय भारत।

  31. Bishnupada Bhattacharjee says

    It was necessary as all the ongoing developmental work like construction of roads & bridges, fighting against enemies i.e. China nepal Pakistan corona, supplying medicines, LPGs, free meal….. JAI BHARAT – JAI MODI

  32. Waillingstone N. Marak says

    Did the employees (let it either Central or State Govt. Employees) guilty of being suffered of Coronavirus? Did they bring coronavirus to India? If not, why should they imposed upon poor employees? Employees did not invented coronavirus but for no reason of their own, DA had since been cut off. Government never experience difficulties whenever they want, they can call up amrish puries, prem chopras who in turn will fetch a good boxes of money. Rise up oh employees, and don’t go astrayed to vote for a 50/-in exchange of your vote. Change the next government in 2023 to give you better services.

  33. P.J.Prasad says

    Appreciated the freeze of DA for Govt. employees/pensioners till jan 21(next due jun 31), likewise freeze taxes such as GST ,surcharges on IT etc.

  34. Manik Chatterjee says

    Yes, this is very painful for our time but I hope modi govt take a decision of the case….!!!

  35. Kumar Agarwal says

    46 lacs personnel are cursing how he will have future may be worse than Sri AB Vajpayee he suffered for more than 10 yrs. They don’t know the problems of family person.

  36. Ravi says

    Always think about Nation first others next.

  37. Shilpa Amit Shrivastava says

    It’s fact Medical Staff totally ignored during this COVID19 crisis. They are real entitle for reward but instead giving reward they are getting less pay. At least government have to think about Medical Staff. Still staff is working dedicatedly and very surprising when all private sector hospitals were closed at that time only government staff was working. I hope government will think about this.

  38. Shakti Chakraborty says

    Are the news agencies are playing a cruel game with the Government employees and Pensioners while the helpless Pensioners specially are looking eagerly for a little hike of their pensions by increasing DA. On the other hand, the brainless Modi Government can not imagine what blunder they have done freezing DA specially to the Pensioners. Already the whispering began to float in air against the wrong activities of BJP Government specially to the Central Government employees and Pensioners.

  39. Jayabalan says

    Working employees got atleast the bonus. Substantial number of Pensioners who really require financial assistance got nothing from the Govt.

  40. Kailash Mishra says

    Nothing to be worried regarding enhancement of DA to the Govt employees during this pandemic situation. We should bear it with happy mind

  41. A. K. Bhatnagar says

    Hon, ble PM,
    My only appeal to you that the central Govt, s pensioners who are suffering due to loss of DA announcement which is over due, and would only get benefit next year upto June 2021. I request to Hon, ble PM & FM please also think about retired central govt, ‘s employees this Festival season of Dipawali, and due to cruch in thier pension due to loss of DA, must be given to Central Govt, s pensioners at least. I would be highly oblized if immediate or pre release of the DA due in Nov 2020 at least 4% to cope with featival expenses.

  42. Dhiraj Mendiratta says

    Charity and bail out package for corporators like Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya and Mehul Choksey type people. By pick pocketing the central government Medical ,defence and Railway employees serving the nation by jeopardizing their lives in pandemic covid 19.Height of injustice, Night Duty allowances paid to Railwaymen being recovered unconstitutionaly from back date I.e. from 01.07.2017. Acche din aa gaye . Corporators ka saath, corporators ka Vikas

  43. Dhiraj Mendiratta says

    Charity and bail out package for corporators like Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya and Mehul Choksey type people. By pick pocketing the central government Medical ,defence and Railway employees serving the nation by jeopardizing their lives in pandemic covid 19.Height of injustice, Night Duty allowances paid to Railwaymen being recovered unconstitutionaly from back date I.e. from 01.07.2017. Acche din aa gaye . Corporators ka saath, corporators ka Vikas

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