7th Pay Commission: Child education allowance also increases as dearness allowance increases, understand the entire rule

Central employees get Child Education Allowance (CEA), but very few people know that this amount is directly related to Dearness Allowance or DA. As DA increases, the CEA also increases. Under the 7th Pay Commission, the central government gives monthly 2,250 child education allowances per child. According to the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), when the dearness allowance is increased by 50 percent, the child education allowance also automatically increases by 25 percent.

As per DoPT norms, a Central Government employee is eligible for Child Education Allowance for only two children. However, in case of a disabled child, the CEA comes to Rs 4,500 per month. Apart from CEA, a central employee is also eligible for a monthly hostel subsidy of Rs 6,750.

The DoPT norms clarifying the Child Education Allowance states that the Child Education Allowance amount will be Rs 2,250 per month per child. This amount of Rs 2,250 is fixed irrespective of the actual expenses incurred by the government servant. The DoPT rules further state that in case of a disabled child, the child education allowance is fixed at Rs 4,500 per month, which is double the amount given in the case of a normal child. However, if the husband and wife are both government servants, only one of them will be eligible for CEA claim.

The child’s upper age limit for claiming child education allowance is 20 years or up to the time of passing 12th standard, whichever is earlier. Upper age limit is 22 years in case of disabled children. No minimum age will be applicable for claiming child education allowance. Let us tell you that after the 7th Pay Commission was implemented, the facilities of central employees have increased manifold.

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