7th Pay Commission: Central Government Likely To Hike DA From This Date

A lot has changed due to the Corona epidemic. Salaries of MPs, MLAs, Supreme Court judges and the Prime Minister have been cut. In such a situation, the salary of the central government employees was not cut, but the government stopped the dearness allowances (DA) they get every year. But there is a good news for them and not only for government employees alone but also for the pensioners.

4 percent increase in DA 

The central government has decided that from January this year to July next year, it is stopping Dearness Allowance for employees and pensioners (Employees and Pensioners). And this allowance will not be available next year either. Though this moratorium is till July, but when the allowance starts getting, the government will have increased it by 4 percent. According to highly placed sources, from July 2021, DA will increase by 4 percent.

Big burden of salary, pension on central government

Currently, more than 50 lakh employees work under the services of the Central Government. At the same time, the government gives pension to about 61 lakh former employees. It costs a huge amount. But this time the corona epidemic has messed up the government’s budget.

Income from tax decreased, difficulties in front of government

The income from the central government’s annual tax revenue has come down drastically. Not only direct tax, but collection of indirect tax has also reduced. That is why the government has stopped releasing the amount of dearness allowance to the employees twice a year. However, after the situation improves, the government will start giving them allowances regularly. But the deal of loss for government employees is that the government will not give any allowance between January 2020 and July 2021 for a year and a half.

(Source: zeenews.india.com)

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  1. Purusottam says

    Why this fake news of enhancement of D A is repeatedly broadcasted. This is totally meaningless.

  2. Balachandran Nair P K says

    What hell you are telling. It is a known fact. Don’t try to foolish employees and pensioners. Then how bonus paid to employees of central and states governments. Nothing was given to
    60 lakhs pensioners. Do not come with such fake news. We will wait upto July 2021.if government decides to pay at least one DR due from 1.1.2020 we will accept. Give importance to pensioners than employees. Good amount of pension is being spent for medical treatments.

  3. Prashant Thankey says

    Government has not ‘stopped’ dearness allowance. It has ‘freezed’ dearness allowance. In other words, it will not increase, but continue to be paid at current rate.

  4. Niranjan Kumar says

    A complete misunderstood write-up.

    Substandard concept.plz delete it at once.


    Like you and some more, same news is churned thousand times and posted here. Public who are already envious of the government servants think the people in service are well fed with their tax money.
    Please give only news that are latest which are not repeated again and again.

  6. Elentia Chhangte says

    There is no news in your publication. You are just repeating what was already known to everyone. Your headline for this particular column is so attractive anyway.. haha

  7. Jayamohan P says

    Hi Kalinga TV, can you please stop this repeated news about 7nth pay commission. I would say for years you are creating this hype. Also be very specific on the news you should show some more credibility. Kindly dont confuse readers continuosly, this is a humble request.

  8. Priyanka says

    What is good news , for 1.5 year only 4 % DA. I think your bhakt of government.

  9. Samrat Biswas says

    Stop this type of bogus and fabricated news publication like DA hike from this date. Actually govt. decision is to pay adding all the percentage of DA from Jan’20 to June ’21 wef. July 2021.

  10. V M Rao says

    What is the purpose of writing constantly and repeatedly about DA. I think it’s waste of our time

  11. Sreekuar says

    But will the DA that falls dew on 01/01/2020, 01/07/2020 and 01/01/2021 be given after 01/07/2021 , ofcourse without arrears ?

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