7th pay commission: Big gift to central employees, government changed rules of family pension, now families will get this benefit

There is news of great relief for central employees. The government has now made significant changes in family pension rules. Issuing an important statement on Saturday, the government gave information about this. After the changed pension rules, now the scope of benefits of family members of employees has increased. This decision of the government will benefit millions of employees of the country. In another decision, the government has increased the attendant allowance for assistants of disabled pensioners.

Union Minister Jitendra Singh said on Saturday that the daughter of the deceased central employee is now entitled to get family pension even while pending the divorce petition. In a statement issued by the Ministry of Personnel, Jitendra Singh was quoted as saying, “The rules have been relaxed for divorced daughters to get family pension. Now the daughter will still be entitled to get family pension if she is finally divorced.” Has not happened, but she filed a divorce petition during her employee mother’s or father’s lifetime. ”

This was the rule

In the earlier rule, a divorced daughter had the right to get family pension only if she had divorced during the lifetime of her employee mother or father. The Union Minister said that orders have also been issued to provide family pension to Divyang children or siblings. Now if the disability certificate is presented even after the death of the pensioner mother or father, then they will be entitled to get the pension provided the disability occurs during the lifetime of the parent.

Increased allowance for assistants of disabled pensioners

The attendant allowance for assistants of disabled pensioners has been increased from Rs 4,500 to Rs 6,700. For the convenience of senior citizens settled abroad with their children after retirement, the Indian embassies, consulates and high commissions have been directed to provide them a certificate of survival and start a family pension. Instructions have also been given to all the banks disbursing pension that pensioners unable to come to the bank should be provided with a certificate of survival at home.

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