70 affected by unknown disease in Kandhamal village

70 people have fallen prey to unknown disease for 3 months in Kandhamal Baliguda: At least 70 people of different ages have been suffering from an unknown disease for the last three months at Pusangia village under Bataguda panchayat of Kandhamal district.

According to reports, the illness first struck a child and gradually spread to the entire village. Around 70 people, one in almost every family, are now suffering from the sickness. Some of them were even affected twice or trice causing panic among the residents.

While some of the locals assumed the sickness to be chickenpox, others have been performing pujas considering it to be an act of god’s wrath.

“Three of my sons are suffering from the unknown disease for the last two months. Initially, we assumed it to be chickenpox and took remedies which are generally done in rural areas,” said Banita Bindhani, a resident of Pusangia village.

Most of the locals are daily wagers. Unless they work, they have to remain hungry. But as their children are suffering from the sickness, they prefer to stay at home. With no income, they are going through hard times.

“The sickness has seriously affected our normal life as neither we have money to treat our children nor can we go for work leaving them at home alone,” Bindhani added.

Students of the village are deprived of education as most of them are suffering from the illness. Locals have demanded health facilities in the village.

“Out of the 70 affected people, most are school students who cannot go to school and learn their lessons. Therefore, we urge the state government to provide health facilities in the village before any tragedy takes place,” said another resident Chumuki Nayak.

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