7 deaths in Banki due to kidney failure, Odisha H&FW Dept investgates

Atleast seven deaths have taken place in Banki of Odisha due to kidney failure, investigation on by the health department.

Banki: In a shocking revelation it has been found that there have been as many as seven deaths in Banki block under Cuttack district of Odisha due to kidney failure and kidney-related ailments.

Men and women were seen standing in a line in the school balcony. The Health and Family Welfare Department, Government of Odisha (H & FW Dept Odisha) is the search for the cause of the kidney related ailments.

Blood and urine samples are being collected from everyone, said reliable reports. When the report comes, the cause of the disease will be known. Earlier, seven people died due to kidney disease, while more than 25 patients are being treated.

The health department has collected water samples and sent them for testing after receiving complaints about the spread of the disease due to drinking water. The fear of kidney disease has appeared in Kantpahera village of Banki block of Cuttack district.

In 2018, a high capacity water tank has been constructed by the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department. Water is not supplied from it regularly. Stone lumps come out in the water coming out of the tubewell and after some time the color of the water is also turning yellow. People are forced to drink this water, said reports.

It is alleged that people are getting sick by drinking the water coming out of the village tubewell. It also leads to a number of kidney diseases. There is an atmosphere of fear in the village due to the disease. Out of the six wards of the village, more number of patients are seen in ward number 3.

While many villages are about to leave their homes, the leaders are scrambling to get rid of the administrative problems. A 33-member medical team came to the village and collected blood samples from all the villagers.

In addition, water samples have been collected from the tubewell. The Odisha health department has said that action will be taken after the cause is ascertained.

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