68-Year-Old Woman Climbs World’s Most Dangerous Track, Climbs A Height Of 170 Meters; Watch Viral Video

A 68-year-old woman has attempted to reach the Harihar Fort, 60 km from Nashik, one of the world’s most dangerous tracks. It is also known as Harshgarh. The video of the elder reaching the top of the fort has gone viral. Twitter users are appreciative of their spirit.

The woman has been identified as Asha Ambade. In the video, she is seen climbing the fort through stairs. She was accompanied by some family members and his grandson.

Himalayan mountaineers consider the climb of Harshgarh to be the most dangerous track in the world. There is a steep climb of more than 80 degrees here. As soon as Asha reached the top of this challenge, the people who came with her welcomed them with applause and whistles.

Arriving at the fort hunting, Asha appeared at the temple of Bhole Nath located there and announced the victory of ‘Shivaji Maharaj ki Jai’.

Compliments are getting fierce on Twitter

The video was posted on Twitter by Dayanand Kamble, deputy director of Maharashtra Information Center. Sharing the clip, he wrote, ‘Jahan chah bahan rah … Big salute to’ Mauli ‘.

Watch the video:

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