Organs Of 6-Yr-Old Girl From Odisha After Her Death, Saves 3 Lives

Jeypore: A six-year-old girl from Odisha living with her parents in Abu Dhabi has given a new lease of life to three people after her death which is indeed a great deed.

The incident took place a few days back when the little girl Debishree, complained of feeling sick and was rushed to a hospital in Abu Dhabi. She was however suffering from an unknown ailment which could not be diagnosed by the doctors.

Since her condition started deteriorating, the doctors advised the heartbroken parents to consider organ donation. Initially the parents were apprehensive but later after considering the pros and cons they approved of the idea.

They were eager to save lives though it meant that they would have to lose their beloved daughter. The girl’s kidney, liver and pancreases were donated to three different people giving them a new lease of life.

The parents and grand-parents of Debishree are proud of the fact that their little one has been able to save the lives of three persona even after her death.

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