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51 days of bird’s life, Watch viral video


Several videos are going viral on different social media platforms every day. One video that shows 51 days of a bird’s life doing rounds on the internet. In the clip, the bird is seen making nest in a very skilled manner. After the completion of the nest, the bird lays eggs and the video has insanely gone viral online.

The viral clip was shared on Twitter by Buitengebieden. The video is of two minutes and fourteen seconds where 51 days of a bird’s life has been captured. In the first few days, the bird little by little collected materials for her nest. Within ten days, the bird completed her nest which she made very skilfully. On the eleventh day, she laid eggs.

After 33 days, she gave birth to the offspring. The entire growth of the birdies have captured in the video beautifully. In the viral video, the bird is seen feeding her babies. On the 51st day, the birdies became capable of flying which was well shown in the video.

This video has gathered more than twenty-two million views on Twitter so far. Likewise, the viral clip has more than thirty thousand retweets. Around one lakh fifty thousand users have liked the video and one almost one thousand users have commented on it.

Watch here:


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