5000 COVID 19 Tests to be done in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: As, out of the COVID 19 positive cases many of them are from Bhubaneswar, Odisha Govt wants to intensify the number of COVID tests in the capital city. Chief Secretary Asit Tripathy intimated about it in a press briefing on Friday.

Bhubaneswar has been divided into three zones headed by 6 IAS officers for active surveillance. A total of 1958 samples have been collected from the capital city – the Chief Secretary revealed. “We would try to test 5000 samples in the next seven days in Bhubaneswar,” he added.

Tripathy also intimated about the strategy that has been made to achieve this goal. He intimated about four priority groups whole samples will be tested. He earnestly requested to cooperate people in this regard and also said that if it will be seen that someone’s sample test will be accounted as most essential and s/he would not cooperate voluntarily, we will be bound to take help of administration and police. The four categories he mentioned are as follows.

  1. Persons with travel history of visiting other country or state, persons with symptoms and persons who have come in contact with active cases in hotspots area.
  2. COVID-19 workers including Health workers, police, sanitization workers
  3. People aged above 6O yrs with co-morbid diseases like influenza etc.
  4. Random population sampling.

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