5 tips for people dealing with hypothyroidism to lose weight

People suffering from hypothyroidism has many symptoms of an underactive thyroid gland like fatigue, joint pain and constipation, unexplained weight gain. But one of the major challenges of people have to face is unexplained weight gain.

It is very difficult to lose weight even if you exercise daily and eating habits in order as compared to others because of the low level of thyroid hormones.

But you can overcome this problem by following these 5 tips that can help immensely:

1. Avoid refined food products

The first thing people suffering from hypothyroidism should do is avoiding refined foods like refined sugar, oil and flour as refined food items contain a lot of calories and fewer nutrients, which is not good for weight loss. Instead you can add healthy alternatives like jaggery, honey, whole-grain and ghee into your diet.

2. Cut down simple carbs

People suffering from hypothyroidism should cut down the intake of simple carbs as the carbs consumption should not be limited to only low-to-moderate but should mostly comprise of complex carbs as Complex carbs promote satiety and keep people fuller for hours.

3. Have small and frequent meals

Hypothyroidism slows down our digestive functioning. People suffering from hypothyroidism should eat small and frequent meals as intake of heavy meal can lead to heartburn, constipation and bloating. When your internal system is not functioning properly it might become difficult for you to lose weight.

Add anti-inflammatory diet

Add anti-inflammatory foods to your diet when suffering from the problem of Hypothyroidism. These anti-inflammatory foods items may provide relief from the symbol of hypothyroidism that is joint pain, muscle strains and depression. It can boost your immunity and speed up the weight loss process.

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