5 Sluice Gates Of Hirakud Dam Opened Today, See Details

Sambalpur: In order to release excess floodwater from the reservoir, the Hirakud Dam authorities opened five more sluice gates on Tuesday.

Reportedly, the inflow of water into Hirakud Dam was 4,39,291 cusec while outflow stood at 5,63,806 cusec.

A total of 31 sluice gates of the Hirakud Dam have been opened to discharge the flood water.

The people living in low-lying areas have been warned not to venture into the river. Heavy rainfall across Odisha has caused severe flooding.

Various areas have been submerged in the state. Acres of farmland have been inundated across Odisha.

Meanwhile, incessant rains in upper and lower catchment areas and the release of excess water from Hirakud Dam.

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