4 more sheep killed by mysterious animal in Niali

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Niali: With no respite to locals from sheep deaths in Niali block of Cuttack district, the mysterious animal killed four more sheep in Nuababaja village and injured another in neighbouring Anlo village last night.

Sheep deaths were reported from Arakshit Behera’s cattle shed in Nuababaja village this morning after he went to inspect it. Sheep were found lying in a pool of blood with grievous injuries on their necks and stomach. The modus operandi of the predator remained the same as the previous occasion with livers of the dead sheep gouged out from body. Similarly, deep nail indentations and pug-marks were also found near the cattle shed.

Fear also loomed large in neighbouring Anlo village with one local namely Gunanidhi Parida found a sheep critically injured in his cattle shed. Deep neck injury was seen inflicted upon the sheep.

Forest officials have reached both the villages and started investigation.

With the fresh sheep deaths today the total number of sheep killed in Niali and adjoining areas has reached 45 in last one month. Among them the Nuababaja village and Nadikula Sahi areas have reported 14 deaths alone.

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