4 feet long snake removed from woman’s stomach during surgery: Watch

Snake removed from woman’s stomach. In a shocking video, it has been seen that doctors pulled out a long snake from the body of a patient through her mouth during surgery. The video has gone viral after being uploaded to social media. It was said that that the reptile that was extracted out of the mouth of the patient was 4 feet in length.

Twitter user ‘Fascinating Facts’ has posted a horrifying video on its Twitter handle on November 12 where it can be seen that medics are pulling out a long snake from the mouth of a patient during surgery while the patient is lying unconscious on the operation table. It has been learnt that the snake had crawled inside body of the woman while she was sleeping.

The said post by @FascinateFlix on Twitter reads, “Medics pull 4ft snake from woman’s mouth after it slithered down there while she slept.” The video has so far earned more than 7000 re-tweets, 2690 quote tweets and 39k likes. And netizens have come up with their reactions.

In the video we can see that a woman is lying unconscious on a surgery table while a lady doctor is operating on her. A pipe is also seen pushed into the mouth of the patient and an instrument has been pierced inside that pipe. The instrument then gets entangled to an object and the doctor pulls out a long thing which soon was known as a snake. As she pulls out, the doctor gets scared witnessing a snake extracted from the body of a living woman.

A user replied to the video, “Why wouldn’t the stomach digest it?”

And another twitter user commented, “New fear unlocked.” Yet another netizens quipped, “Is she single?”

Watch the video here:

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