4 feet long Cobra rescued in Odisha’s Bhubaneswar: Watch

Bhubaneswar: A woman bumped into a Cobra in her house in Odisha’s Bhubaneswar on Thursday. She stopped the snake for some time with the help of a stick till the Snake Helpline member reached the house and rescued the poisonous snake.

As per reports, Diptimayee, wife of Ajay Mukherjee from Pokharipur area in the city came across a poisonous snake on Thursday. Her husband first saw the Cobra in the bathroom. As he alerted Diptimayee went inside the bathroom and saw that the Cobra was entangled to the net of the basin. She immediately shut the door and called the snake helpline to rescue the cobra.

In the meanwhile the Cobra tried its best to come out of the trap. However, Diptimayee reportedly held it with the help of a stick to check the reptile from entering into the house.

Within sometime general secretary of Snake Helpline Bhubaneswar Subhendu Mallik reached the spot and rescued the Cobra. However, as the snake was entangled into the basin net and it was not possible to separate the net from the snake on the spot, he took the snake along with the net.

Later at the Snake Helpline office the net was separated from the body of the cobra. Snake helpline members Ashish Behera and Silka Saloni helped to separate the basin net from the Snake. The snake was then released into the forest.

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