3 villages in 3 districts of Odisha named Basudevpur have COVID positive cases

Bhubaneswar: It may be a coincidence but it is a fact. At least three villages in the same name ‘Basudevpur’ have COVID positive cases in Odisha.

So far Coronavirus has spread its tentacles to at least 14 districts of the state. However, if the name of the places where COVID cases have been found will be analyzed, an amazing fact comes to mind.

COVID positive cases have been found in Basudevpur of Bhadrak, Basudevpur of Jajpur and Basudevpur of Deogarh.

Besides, the digit ‘3’ is also related to another fact related to Coronavirus pandemic. The initial positive cases of the state were related to foreign countries, then the focus centralized on the Nizammuddin event and in these days many of the cases are West Bengal returnees.

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