2 Wheeler Fined Rs.30,000 In Khorda For Violating Rules Of Motor Vehicle Act

Khordha: A fine of Rs 30,000 was imposed on the owner of the bike after a minor boy was caught driving  during a motor vehicle inspection in Tangi of Khordha district in Odisha.

According to reports, the incident took place during a joint investigation by MVI officials of Bhubaneswar and officials of Kuhudi Police Station under Khordha district. The 15-year-old juvenile boy was caught red handed riding the bike by the investigators and was fined.

In this regard, Kuhudi Police Officer Niranjan Rout has informed that under Section 180 of Motor Vehicles Act, a penalty of Rs 5000 has been fined for not having a driving license and under section 199A(2), a penalty of Rs 25000 has been fined on the owner of the bike, as the driver was a minor.

The investigation is expected to continue in the upcoming days, said the investigation officer.

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