14 Feet Long King Cobra Rescued From Odisha’s Dhenkanal, Fear Grips Villagers

Dhenkanal:  A huge 14 feet long King Cobra has been rescued from Pahasigaon village of Odapada block in Dhenkanal district.

The snake has been rescued with the help of the Forest officials and left into the jungle nearby.

The villagers spotted 2 huge snakes playing with each other yesterday and alerted the snake helpline members and the forest officials.

After almost a 2 hour long toil the snake was captured. It was 14 feet long and weighed almost 20 kgs. But, the villagers are scared that it might return to the village and attack them.


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  1. Purna Nayak says

    Where is the second cobra?

    1. USMAN says

      Second xobra is inside the stomach of first cobra

  2. Vikash says

    Where does dis event had taken place. Is it during lockdown period.
    If yes where is social distance and basic precautions in the image.
    All students or persons are standing so closely breaking the law during the lockdown period.

  3. Pratap Kumar Panda Panda says

    What if the snake gets affected by Corona Virus?

  4. Ramanna says

    Second cobra has gone to cobble up kamalnath

  5. Ramanna says

    Should read”gobble up”

    1. Johnson says

      Is it Amit Shah ?

  6. Shiba Shankar sardar says

    Really this is a scene of breaking the law of social distance. To defeat ‘corona virus’ we have to avoid ‘crowdy’ junction. Even at the situation / moment of both ‘sad or happy’ , we must mentain social distance. Stay home…..Stay safe. Jay hind.

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