12-hour petrol pump bandh for 2 consecutive days

Bhubaneswar: The Petroleum Dealers Association has called for a 12-hour bandh for two consecutive days from today.

Reportedly, the petrol pumps will remain closed from 6 PM till 6 AM on May 27 and May 28.

Meanwhile, “there is no such declaration of Petrol pump closure as a mark of protest,” informed the General Secretary of Utkal Petroleum Dealers’ Association Sanjay Lath to Kalinga TV.

It has been learnt that the strike has been called due to the loss of commission. Since the central government has reduced VAT, the petrol pump owners/dealers have faced a huge loss. Hence, there is a strike demanding compensation from oil companies.

In addition, the Petroleum Dealers Association have informed that it would not buy oil from companies for two days. The Association has also added that it will take legal action against the oil company in the coming days if the demands are not met.

Notably, the petrol and diesel prices have increased in the temple city Bhubaneswar on Friday. The petrol price has been recorded at Rs 103.60 per litre while the diesel rate has been recorded at Rs 95.15 per litre today.

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  1. sab says

    Govt.should take over all petroleum pumps with an ordnance to ensure convenience and security of common man.Most petroleum pumps are providing less quanty more adulterated fuel for more profits .That should be stopped, if govt.takes over soon .

  2. Gautam Rao says

    Nationalize the petrol bunks! The dealers will fall in line automatically. There is no end to the greed of the dealers!

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