11-feet-long python rescued from river water in Odisha’s Cuttack: Watch

Cuttack: In a rare affair, an 11 feet long python was rescued on Sunday in Cuttack district of Odisha. The snake was rescued from the water of River Birupa in Choudwar area.

As per reports, the huge python was first spotted lying on a door of the barrage made over Birupa River. As people started to crowd the place to witness the huge snake, it went into the river. However, as the barrage door was shut, the snake could not go into the deep water and swam on the river water. Hence, nobody went into the river even to take bath due to fear.

It has been learnt that the huge python had been flown by the water current from the upper catchment area and slept on the barrage gate.

After getting information, Snake Helpline members rushed to the spot and rescued the 11 feet long python. Later, they released it into the Banjiama jungle.

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