10 pairs of Express Trains to run on Electric Traction in Odisha from March 3

Bhubaneswar: The electrification in the Titlagarh-Raipur Railway Section has been completed. On completion and commissioning of the Electric Traction in the Titlagarh-Raipur Railway Section of East Coast Railway from 20th February 2020, it has been decided to run 10 more pairs of Express Trains on Electric Traction in the newly electrified Railway Section, with effect from tomorrow, 3rd March, 2020.

Ten more pairs of express trains to run with electric traction with electric locomotives in the newly electrified section. After completion of the said work a few Passenger trains are already running on Electric Traction with Electric Locomotives.

Here is the detail about the Express trains which are supposed to run on Electric Traction from tomorrow:

The 18421/18422 Puri-Ajmer-Puri Express, 22973/22974 & 12993/12994 Gandhidham-Puri-Gandhidham Express, 22827/22828 Puri-Surat-Puri Express,12843/12844 & 18405/18406 Puri-Ahmedabad-Puri Express, 12145/12146 LTT-Puri-LTT Express, 22847/22848 Visakhapatnam-LTT-Visakhapatnam Express,18407/18408 Puri-Sainagar Shirdi-Puri Express and 12807/12808 Visakhapatnam-Nizamuddin-Visakhapatnam Samata Express  will run in electric Traction.

Earlier, since 20th February,2020, i.e. from completion of Electric Traction in the section, 18425/18426 Puri-Durg-Puri Express, 17481/17482 Tirupati-Bilaspur-Tirupati Express,18517/18518 Korba-Visakhapatnam-Korba Express, 18573/18574 Visakhapatnam-Bhagat ki Kothi-Visakhapatnam Express, 58217/58218 Raipur-Titlagarh-Raipur Passenger and 58529/58530 Visakhapatnam-Durg-Visakhapatnam Passenger trains are running on Electric Traction with Electric Locomotive.

Electric locomotives are pollution free, Energy Efficient, Environmental friendly and will also save diesel.

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