1 dies of diarrhea due to polluted water supply in Puri municipality area

Locals have alleged that the water supply is polluted in an area of Puri municipality after a female servitor died due to diarrhea.

Puri: Allegations about polluted water supply in the Puri municipality area have come to light after one person died of diarrhea. A female servitor has died after suffering from diarrhea in the area.

The deceased has been identified as Basanti Dash. She was a resident of Bimanbadu sahi in Puri. She had been suffering from an upset stomach since the last few days due to the consumption of polluted water.

She had been admitted into the Puri government hospital for treatment by her family. However, she breathed her last while undergoing treatment. Her family members have alleged that drinking polluted water was the reason for her death.

Other people living in the locality have also claimed that the supply water is polluted and even after her death, no measures are being taken.

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