World Cup 2019: Dhoni Using Different Bat Logos as Goodwill Gesture

New Delhi: The images of Mahendra Singh Dhoni using bats with logos of different bat-makers during the ongoing World Cup have already become quite viral. While the former Indian captain is mostly remembered for playing with ‘Reebok’ or ‘Spartan’ logo on his bat in the early stages of his career, in England Dhoni has been seen using bats with SG, SS, and BAS stickers.

In India’s last two outings against England and Bangladesh, Dhoni was using a bat with the SG logo. However, in the later part of his innings, he switched back to the BAS logo bat when he was required to go for some big hits.

It has now come to fore that these are the brands that Dhoni used during the early stages of his career. As a goodwill gesture, the former captain is showing his appreciation for their support without charging any royalty.

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Dhoni's complete gear in India'a away gear
Courtesy: Twitter
MSD – Bade Dil ka Aadmi

“It’s a fact that he has been using different bats with different brandings, but he is not charging them. He wants to say thank to them for helping in various stages of his career,” Dhoni’s manager Arun Pandey told Mumbai Mirror.

“He does not need money, he has enough of it, he is using those bats as a goodwill gesture. BAS was with him from the beginning and SG also was very helpful to him. Bade Dil ka Aadmi hai.”

Normally, A-list cricketers charge bat sponsors somewhere between Rs 4 crore to Rs 5 crore annually. Dhoni currently does not have a bat sponsor, with his deal with Australia-based Spartan Sports having run into legal trouble.

Dhoni Using Different Bat Logos as Goodwill Gesture
Courtesy: Times Now

BAS cricket gear helped Dhoni stay on the path of becoming an international cricketer during his initial, struggling days. The company, in the biopic made on the Dhoni, was shown supporting the wicket-keeper even before he got his debut cap.

While Dhoni is known for many a great inning, this simple gesture won many hearts. Here’s wishing him many more great innings before the final sunset of his career.

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