Work in progress: Jadeja shares photo after workout at home

Rajkot, May 11 (IANS) He is one of the best fielders in world cricket at the moment. But for Ravindra Jadeja, the lockdown days are proving tough just like it is for everybody else. There is no cricket around the corner, and the acrobatic India all-rounder is farthest away from the greens.

But that has not stopped the 31-year old cricketer from working on his fitness.

He is a “work in progress”, as per his tweet from his handle on Monday. He also posted a photo of him after an intense workout session at home.

Former India batsman Mohammad Kaif, rated as one of the best fielders the country produced, on Sunday said Jadeja is right up there in the current team led by Virat Kohli as far as fielding is concerned. He also said the team lacks a complete fielder.

“Fielding is like batting. A complete batsman is one who has all shots in his book. Fielding is like that. A complete fielder is one who knows how to slide, your throws should be accurate, you need to run fast, your hand technique needs to be correct,” Kaif said on Sportscreen’s YouTube page.

“So all these things combined, you get a proper fielder. Now you will get a lot of good fielders. Indian fielding has improved a lot. But I still feel we don’t have a complete package.

“Where you take slip catches, do well at short leg, at long on…that package is missing. But Ravindra Jadeja is brilliant and he is getting better with age.

“In slip fielding, the Indian team is a little behind, but overall…I see (Jasprit) Bumrah, (Mohammad) Shami, Ishant (Sharma) they have improved a lot. So fast bowlers doing well on the field has helped. You see Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma is a good fielder. I still feel next level, package fielder is missing.”

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