Virat Kohli Dismisses Rumours Of Rift With Rohit Sharma

New Delhi: Indian skipper Virat Kohli has dismissed rumours of a rift between him and Rohit Sharma, which have been making the rounds after the team returned from England after their loss in the semi-finals of World Cup 2019.

“In my opinion it’s baffling to be honest. It’s absolutely ridiculous to read such stuff that comes out. I have been to a few public events and the sentiment is ‘aap log kya khele (you guys played so well)’,” Kohli said, reacting to the rift rumours.

“We are feeding off lies. We are overlooking facts. We are turning a blind eye to all the good things that has happened. We are creating fantasies and scenarios in our head and want to accept that this is the truth,” he added.

“I have seen this for too long now. Bringing personal lives into the picture. It’s disrespectful after a moment. There is nothing between me and Rohit,” Kohli said.

“Come and see how we talk to Kuldeep Yadav, how we respect our seniors like MS Dhoni,” Kohli said, explaining the lively environment in the team.

“If the team atmosphere wouldn’t have been good then we wouldn’t have succeeded,” Kohli further said.

India head coach, Ravi Shastri also reacted to the matter and said, “No nonsense in the team, not a single individual is greater than the team.”

When asked about reports which suggested that Virat Kohli along with Jasprit Bumrah might be rested for the limited overs leg, the Indian skipper said, nothing as such was communicated to him by the trainer or the physio.

“Our rest period is put on record. It’s all on the e-mail given to the Board. So I don’t know what report they have created. In my mind, until the trainer or the physio tells me to rest because my progress in such and such with datas collected from all games. I don’t know what communication was sent out to the selectors because nothing was communicated to me in terms of rest,” Kohli responded.

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