Request Dhoni to remove Army insignia from gloves: ICC to BCCI

Hashtag #DhoniKeepTheGlove has been trending on Twitter in support of MSD

New Delhi: While the entire nation was full of praises for MS Dhoni for spotting with the regimental dagger insignia of the Indian Para Special Forces on his wicket-keeping gloves, ICC has asked BCCI to request him to remove the insignia.

Speaking to reporters, Claire Furlong, International Cricket Council (ICC) General Manager, Strategic Communications, said that the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) has been asked to get the symbol removed from Dhoni’s gloves. “We have requested the BCCI to get it removed,” she said.

“The ICC equipment and clothing regulations do not permit the display of messages that relate to political, religious or racial activities or causes during an international match.”

Balidaan is a distinct insignia of the special forces, which form part of the Parachute Regiment. It has a commando dagger pointed downwards, with upward-extending wings extending from the blade and a scroll superimposed on the blade with “Balidaan” inscribed in Devanagari. Only Paramilitary Commandos are allowed to wear the Balidaan Badge.

Dhoni loves sporting the “Balidaan” insignia on his gloves, caps otherwise. Incidentally, he has been conferred an honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Parachute Regiment in 2011, had also undergone training under the Para Brigade in 2015.

Meanwhile, MSD fans were furious over ICC’s blatant decision. They asserted that this was not plain brand promotion but showing one’s respect for the country’s armed forces. Hashtag #DhoniKeepTheGlove has been trending on Twitter with Twitterati showing support for most-loved wicket-keeper of all time.

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