Pakistan-Afghanistan match turns ugly as fans turn violent

Leeds: Fans on Saturday from both playing teams turned violent as Pakistan secured a clincher against Afghanistan. Pakistan beat Afghanistan by three wickets at Headingley yesterday.

Tensions were high from the word go between the two neighbours due to obvious strained relationships between the two countries. According to ESPNcricinfo, at least 2 people were also evicted from the Headingley Cricket Ground.

According to an ICC source, the fight broke out because a plane was flown which had Balochistan slogan stating, “Justice for Balochistan”. Apparently, it was an unauthorised plane that flew over the stadium and political messages were visible. Leeds air traffic is reportedly investigating the incident.

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Zee News reported that actual fighting broke out when an Afghan supporter accidentally brushed past an elderly Pakistani supporter. Several Pakistanis in close proximity, it is learnt, thrashed the Afghan fans which resulted in a law and order situation. The violence was quickly brought under control and many of these fans were denied access to the ground.

Meanwhile, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has promised that it will take action against any fans involved in “scuffles”.

A number of videos have surfaced on Twitter showing the violent clashes which were reported to have happened during the 1st half of the game.


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