International Cricket’s New Rules from Sept 28

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ICC rulesDubai: International Cricket’s new rules will come into effect from September 28, announced the International Cricket Council (ICC) on Tuesday.
The new rules will affect upcoming South Africa-Bangladesh and Pakistan-Sri Lanka Test series. However, the ongoing ODI series between India and Australia will be played with the existing rules.

ICC General Manager – Cricket, Geoff Allardice said: “Most of the changes to the ICC playing conditions are being made as a result of changes to the Laws of Cricket that have been announced by the MCC. We have just completed a workshop with the umpires to ensure they understand all of the changes and we are now ready to introduce the new playing conditions to international matches.”

The key changes includes restrictions on bat thickness, the powers afforded to umpires to send violent players off the field and introduction of Decision Review System (DRS) in T20 Internationals.

Following are some new rules of International Cricket.

• The DRS will now be used in T20 internationals as well – teams will have one unsuccessful review per innings
• Each team can name six substitutes (previously it was four) in Test cricket.
• The permitted size of the bat is now defined, with the width and length unchanged, but with added restrictions on the thickness of the edges (40mm) and the overall depth (67mm).
• Ball bouncing more than once before reaching the popping crease will be declared as a No ball (formerly more than twice).
• In Test cricket, an interval will be taken if a wicket falls within three minutes of the interval. Previously it was two minutes.
• An appeal can be withdrawn, or the umpires can recall a dismissed batsman, at any time before the ball comes into play for the next delivery. Previously, a batsman could not be recalled once he/she had left the field.
• A batsman can be caught, run-out, or stumped even if the ball makes contact with a helmet worn by the fielder or wicket keeper.

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