ICC-BCCI face-off on Indian team’s security

New Delhi: Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) has entered into a face-off with the International Cricket Council (ICC) regarding the security of the Indian team.

Reportedly, the Indian team management is not happy with how ICC has handled the team’s security. A few days ago BCCI had complained to ICC on how the security of the players’ was breached in the hotel they were staying.

In another appeal, BCCI asked ICC to amp up the security, but the cricketing board has allegedly taken no action until now.

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For Indians, cricket is a sort of a religion which they ardently follow. Indians have filled English stadiums, even outranking local fans in all matches of India. Fans have been reported to hog the cricketers for selfies and autographs.

According to a source, ICC should have foreseen this situation and acted accordingly.

India has already qualified for the semi-finals with one league left against Sri Lanka. It is hoped that security issues will be resolved ahead of the semis.

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