I will probably start with coaching going forward: Yuvraj

Mumbai: Ace former India batsman Yuvraj Singh on Sunday expressed his desire to coach, saying he can work on players’ mindset especially in limited-overs cricket which he has bossed for close to decades.

“I will probably start with that (coaching). I am more keen on coaching than doing commentary,” Yuvraj told former England batsman Kevin Pietersen during an Instagram Live chat.

“I have more insight in limited-overs cricket and I can share my knowledge with players coming to bat at No.4, 5, 6 as to what sort of mindset they should have,” said the 38-year old who has helped India win the 2007 T20 and 2011 ODI World Cups with stellar performances.

Yuvraj called time on his illustrious career last year. The dashing left-hander had previously said the current Indian team needs a psychologist who can take care of the mental side of players.

“I will probably start by being a mentor and then if it goes well maybe full time coaching,” said Yuvraj.

Pietersen, who is now into commentary, asked Yuvraj to join him.

“I thought I will take a break for a year. Play certain tournaments which makes sense. I will join you guys and learn commentary first. Not sure how I will do as a commentator. So I will learn from you guys,” said Yuvraj, smiling.

He said he is happily spending time with family at the moment and hopefully will become a father soon.

“I am now spending time with family. I spent a lot of time on the park. Hopefully become a father and then come back on the park (coaching or commentary).”

Yuvraj also spoke about how it is different for a player who has played limited number of ODIs to suddenly go and perform at the World Cup, referring to young wicketkeeper batsman Rishabh Pant during the 2019 showpiece tournament.

“You need experience. There is experience of playing in front of big crowds in the IPL…but when you’re playing a 20-over game and then 50-over game…mindset is different.”

Pietersen also asked about the phase when Yuvraj was diagnosed with cancer.

“It’s something that you can’t really always express in words. Unfortunately the moment came when I was at the peak on my career. We had just won the World Cup (2011),” Yuvraj said.

“I was looking forward to play Tests, Sourav (Ganguly) had just retired,” added Yuvraj who despite playing 304 ODIs for India, has only featured in 40 Tests.

“I was young so I could get through it. My family went through a tough time. My mother was very supportive. My body was not the same when I came back. But eventually I came back and scored my highest ODI score (150) ever,” he said.

Yuvraj signed off by revealing that he has not trained so much in his entire career like he is doing during this COVID-19 induced lockdown period.

“I have not trained so much my entire career, the way I am training in these last two months. I feel this is the best time to get fit.”

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