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Gilchrist, Ponting underlines key steps for Australia’s T20 World Cup retrieval

Melbourne: Australia underwent a defeat in their opening match with New Zealand in the T20 World Cup. As a result, Ricky Ponting and Adam Gilchrist reportedly found ways to stay intact in the match. Notably, they both were a part of the successful 1999 Cricket World Cup campaign, which witnessed the Australians’ struggle against Pakistan and New Zealand.

“It’s not the ideal situation the Australians find themselves in, a lot to think about, a lot to ponder on that opening performance, and it’s win at all costs to stay alive.” He further added,” We had a very big open heart-to-heart meeting (in 1999), there’d been a bit of build-up at that time, and it came to a head where we had to really identify a few issues, a few things off-field out within the team dynamic,” said Gilchrist, as quoted by the ICC.

As a result, Gilchrist emphasizing the need of settling down the things noted that “Honesty: I guess that’s the key thing, making sure if there are any little off-field issues, of which there are a few now for the Australians, they’ve got a bit to identify and work out. And maybe it’s not affecting them at all, but they just need to make sure they have clear heads as they lead into this next game.”

On the other hand, Ponting suggested a major way, based on which Australia shall carry out their strategies against Sri Lanka on the field on Tuesday at Optus Stadium. Keeping an eye upon the current match scenario, Ponting asked the players on the field to focus on the quick bowling artillery that will definitely aid most of the local circumstances.

He further remarked, “I think it’s fair to say that the Sri Lankans probably can expect their fair share of shorter-pitched balls over there.”

“It’s a very lively wicket there, we know that the bounce there is probably unlike everywhere else in the world. Maybe if you go across the road to the WACA where it’s been that way for 50 or 60 years,” he added.

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