Gautam Gambhir backed FYI Health launches in India

New Delhi: FYI Health, a community health monitoring solution exclusively designed for enterprise use, launched on Tuesday in India. Backed by former India cricket Gautam Gambhir, FYI Health allows companies of all sizes to create a safe environment for their workforce by enabling a daily health check-in for employees, employers and guests visiting the corporate eco-system and contact tracing, if and when required.

It provides employers with a health dashboard that showcases the overall health index of employees in a corporate location, that allows them to take timely and pre-emptive action pertaining to flagged cases and those vulnerable to transmission.

“FYI Health is a pioneering effort and is a much required innovation in the fight against COVID-19 and the potential rebound if any. It provides companies and its employees a win-win, easy to use health-tech product,” said Gambhir.

“My expectation from FYI health is the safety around the employees and to ensure that businesses, factories as well as industries do not get affected because this is very important at this hour of the time,” he added.

Once deployed at any of its location by a company, its workforce that use the location become a part of the FYI Health safety net and their health status is captured on the system in real time.

In case of any health red flag, FYI Health identifies all employees that are exposed to possible transmission of the virus through a highly secure Bluetooth based contact tracing technology solution. This enables the corporate administrator to take speedy action and secure all vulnerable employees.

Talking about his association with FYI Health, Gambhir, who is now a BJP MP from East Delhi, said: “I joined politics to serve people and associating myself with FYI health – is helping the larger group of the corporate world. As we all know businesses have been affected and you don’t want them or communities to get affected.”

“It is just an extension of why I joined politics is basically to help people. This is my primary reason for associating myself with FYI Health,” he added.

Available on Android currently and for iOS shortly, FYI Health is a subscription-based pricing model and is available to deploy with an annual licence fee varying from Rs 64,000–128,000 based on the number of employees at any location.

Yash Raj Gupta, Founder and CEO, FYI Health. “With FYI Health, companies can build a health index for their organisation that puts them in the driver’s seat by being aware of any potential health safety concerns in real time and can take action with both isolating the user and mapping out their contact history, when the need arises.”

“Currently similar technology has only been available to state administrations all over the world or very large corporations that have invested in tech development. Since we operate a SaaS model, the cost and ease of implementation is significantly better,” he added.

When asked about how to keep it relevant once COVID-19 subsides, he said: “In a post pandemic world with various new measures in place, organisations having proactively invested in corporate health welfare shall fare stronger. FYI works as an unobtrusive protection layer and enables organisations to act proactively in case of any health threats of a similar nature.”

“Moreover, we have an aggressive vision to introduce new aspects and features that would continually contribute towards holistic health management for corporates and communities,” he added.

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