Former Test cricketer Robin Singh’s car seized for lockdown violation

Chennai: Chennai Police has seized former Test cricketer Robin Singh’s car for defying Covid-induced lockdown curbs.

Speaking to IANS, a police official said that Singh was coming from the East Coast Road (ECR) on Saturday morning. On checking it was found he neither had the e-pass nor any valid reason-like emergency-to travel in his car.

“He was very polite and didn’t put on any airs. We seized his vehicle for violating the lockdown rules,” the police official said.

According to the police official, Singh might have travelled in his car perhaps for more than two kilometre from his residence.

Chennai had come under total lockdown for 12-days starting June 19.

Prior to the total lockdown Chennai Police Commissioner A.K.Viswanathan had urged the citizens to do their shopping for essential items within two kilometre radius from their homes and without using their vehicles.

Viswanathan also warned of severe police action on those who violate the lockdown orders.

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