Cristiano Ronaldo becomes 1st ever to achieve 600 million instagram follower for the third year in a row

Portugal and Al Nassr striker Cristiano Ronaldo clinched the title of Instagram's highest earner for the third successive year

Portugal and Al Nassr striker Cristiano Ronaldo clinched the title of Instagram’s highest earner for the third successive year.

The news comes after Ronaldo was acknowledged as the world’s highest-paid athlete by Forbes in the month of July.

Ronaldo earns a staggering USD 3.23 million per Instagram post. Argentina’s Lionel Messi, garners almost USD 2.6 million for each Instagram post.

Indian cricketer Virat Kohli and Brazilian footballer Neymar have  reached the top 20, Kohli has 256 million followers on Instagram and has net worth of over Rs 1,020 Crore. While Neymar earning nearly twice per post and his net worth is around Rs 2,176 Crore.

“It’s still shocking to me that the annual money made on the platform increases every year. Yet, what fascinates me more is the consistent players at the top. It’s apparent that the glitz and glamour of traditional celebrities still holds power over the new ‘influencer’ status. Ronaldo and Messi not only dominate the pitch, but also the digital sphere as it’s clear they personify the power of personal branding and the influence it holds over us ‘ordinary’ people,” Mike Bandar, co-founder of Hopper HQ was quoted as saying by Reuters.

In December 2022, Ronaldo became the highest-paid footballer in the history of the game after signing a contract with Saudi Arabian side Al Nassr.

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