Cricketer R. Ashwin Joins Chess World, V. Anand Welcomes Him In Rajnikanth’s Style

Sports has always been a huge field, there is so much variety and yet inter-linked. Players are seen playing all forms of sports to keep themselves fit and active as their practice sessions for their own form proceeds. Cricketers are always seen playing other forms like badminton, tennis, etc. Again now, a cricketer have showed this as he enters the world of chess.

The bowler is an Indian International cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin. He is famous for his unique carom ball that he picked from the streets of Chennai. R. Ashwin was seen being applauded by the five time World Chess champion Vishwanthan Anand for his 1ooth Test match Milestone in a video released by the BCCI. India’s chess God Anand addressed the Spinner Ashwin as chess player among cricketers welcoming him to the chess world. According to the information, Ashwin is now a co-owner of a new franchise in Global Chess League (CGL), American Gambits.

The franchise will notably be a part of one of the six teams in the second edition of the Global Chess League. Some of the top Grandmasters are all set to be in the league that is scheduled to be held in London from October 3 to 12. It is said that CGL is the first and world’s largest franchise-based team chess tournaments as per reports.

The celebrated cricketer would be a co-owner to a franchise in this League which is a joint venture between the world chess body (FIDE) and Tech Mahindra. It is worth mentioning that Ashwin is seen as an asset for the team owing to his varied intelligence and unique ability to deceive the batsman through his bawling.

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