YouTuber Gaurav Wasan returns Rs 4.5 Lakh to Baba Ka Dhaba owner after police complaint

A Delhi police investigation has revealed that YouTuber Gaurav Wasan and his wife had transferred Rs 4.5 lakh to ‘Baba ka Dhaba’ owner Kanta Prasad’s account days after he lodged a complaint against the YouTuber for misappropriation of funds that was donated to help him.

During the lockdown period of the first phase, Wasan had shared a video on YouTube which highlighted the misery of Prasad and his wife are facing problems in making a living due to the lack of customers at their eatery.

As the video went viral, they received several donations from many people. However, after a few days, Prasad filed a complaint against Wasan for misappropriation of the money.

After receiving the complaint, police started an investigation into the case and revealed that Wasan had shared his and his wife’s account details on social media in order to receive the donations and allegedly gave only Rs 2 lakh to Prasad.

Earlier this month, Prasad apologised to Wasan for the allegations and said Wasan was neither a thief and nor did he claim that he was one. Prasad further added that he was in the wrong for saying, “I made a mistake by saying ‘I didn’t call him but he approached us himself,’ I’d like to apologise.”

Now, the Delhi police has revealed that Wasan and his wife transferred Rs 4.5 lakh to Prasad’s account only after he lodged a complaint.

According to a report, a chargesheet will be filed against the YouTuber in the coming days.

Meanwhile, Kanta Prasad was admitted to Safdarjung Hospital after he ate sleeping pills due to mental stress for the past few days. He is on ventilator of the Hospital. However, his condition is said to be stable.

The investigating team has found that he had consumed alcohol and sleeping pills together which worsened his health.

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