Youth puts Burmese python around neck, another on ground: Watch viral video

In a recent viral video a youth was seen putting a Burmese python around his neck while there was another angry but huge snake on the ground. The video was put on Instagram and within no time it went viral.

“I have a Burmese python around my neck and another one on the ground here. This one is a little bit angry but check that out. Absolutely fantastic snake. Praise God. Hey cannot get any better than that,” says the man in the video.

Captioned, “Burmese pythons” and posted by  Instagram user World_ of_ snakes the post has so far earned as many as 17153 views after being posted to Instagram in January.

The video seems very interesting as the youth is seen handling two snakes. Of course, some netizens have claimed that towards the end of the clip the snake bit the young man.

And the video earned a lot of comments. Here are some of them:

“One around the neck is calm because it’s dead.”

“Beautiful snakes but they’re invasive to Florida and killing off every other species in the everglades”

“Why r u messing with these poor snakes? The one on his neck is chillin I guess but the other one is NOT with it lol”

“The most invasive and harmful species in existence saying to kill these beautiful creatures because they are invasive and harmful surprise surprise.”

“People buy them as pets and then can’t handle them or don’t want them and release them outside. They then proceed to kill and eat much of the indigenous wildlife found in the area. Culling is necessary. Unfortunately, humans are the root cause of this”

“Listen up snake charmer boy..let the fricking snakes be… everybody can tell that you got bitten at the end.. serves you right.”

Watch the Snakes here:

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