Youth orders Starbucks coffee worth Rs 400 for Rs 190 from Zomato while sitting in the same Café

A youth named Sandeep Mall got the coffee worth Rs 400 at Starbucks for Rs 190 when he placed an order through Zomato sitting in the cafe.

New Delhi: People keep on searching for great offers and deals on food, clothing, and everything. Even companies promote their product by giving discounts. In such a situation, a man has shared a very interesting story about how he ordered Rs 400 worth of coffee from Starbucks at Rs 190 sitting at the same coffee store.

Starbucks is basically known for the quality of coffee and other beverages it offers. It can be quite expensive but people love the products of Starbucks. However, food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy often offer discount coupons for orders, and if you are a Gold subscriber, you can even enjoy free delivery.

Recently, a youth named Sandeep Mall narrated his interesting story on Twitter. He said that he got the coffee worth Rs 400 at Starbucks for Rs 190 when he placed an order through Zomato.

He tweeted, “Sitting at Starbucks – coffee for 400. Zomato deal for same coffee 190. Ordered Zomato with the address of Starbucks. The Zomato guy picks up and gives me to my table at Starbucks.”

One of his Twitter followers asked him about the reaction of the delivery guy after the delivery of the coffee. Mall replied that the delivery guy already knew that people order from Zomato while sitting in the cafe, so he was not surprised.

Mall’s tweet has been going viral on Twitter. He has been hailed as a genius by his followers and other Twitter users as this is actually an intelligent way of saving money, especially if you are sitting inside an expensive cafe.

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