Youth carries giant python on shoulder: Watch

The video of a youth carrying a giant python on his shoulder and dragging it along a set of staircase has gone viral on social media. Posted to Instagram merely three days before by World_of_snakes_  the post has so far garnered more than 36,173 likes.

As we can see in the video a youth is carrying a huge python on his shoulder and climbing along a staircase. We can see that the giant python is getting dragged along the staircase.

The user who has posted the video has captioned it as ‘Reticulated Python’. So, it is quite clear the giant reptile is a reticulated python.

While the post has earned a lot of likes and comments within a very short period, many of the users have showed their concern regarding safety of the snake. They have expected that the snake would sustain injury by dragging it like we can see in the video that is the man is seen doing.

A user said, “Dragging will damage it… poor thing,’ while another wrote, “Isn’t that concrete hurting it,”. Also another user commented, “Does is hurt the snakes belly when you drag it?  That poor snake. That is not the way it should be handled. Let’s find some positive videos please.”

However, another user tried to answer to these comments and wrote, “People saying he’s handling the snake wrong…well how else can 1 person move that huge beast without dragging it?”

Besides, the discussion about whether dragging would harm the huge snake or not, some people were not confirm if the snake was alive or dead. A user asked, “Is it alive though??” and others joined the discussion.

Another user quipped, “Looks like it’s gonna be a meal.”

Watch the video here:

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