You Need To See This Viral Video To Believe! Fish Swallows Eel

Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda has shared a bizarre video of rare incident which you need to see for yourself to believe.

Susanta Nanda wrote “If you haven’t seen this,” while sharing the old video on his Twitter handle. The 1.39-minute, video which is going viral on Twitter, shows how a fish swallowing an eel.

In the viral video, the fish is seen raising its head out of the water and exhale smoke. Sometimes it is seen that the fish goes inside the water so that the eel would completely come out from its hideouts. Finally, the fish swallows the eel.

The video has been viewed more than 226.8K times on Twitter alone. Over 10k people have liked the video while 2.6k Twitter users have re-tweeted. Similarly, around three people have commented on the viral video.

Watch the video here:

However, there is more to it. In another video, shared by the IFS today shows that the fish could not swallow the eel as the latter was too long to be swallowed.

Watch the video here:

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